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The Recording Arts for Original Musical Works

  Major record labels looking for new artist is a great way to advance your music.  Calling Heart Records is about the development and production of original musical works and turning them into works of art suitable for radio and film. Often the author of a song lacks the equipment and or knowledge to turn their music into a full fledge production masterpiece. That's where Calling Heart Records comes in.

There by it does not matter if you cannot play an instrument well, or whether or not you have a great singing voice. All you need is an original song or instrumental piece that you wrote yourself. If we like what you wrote, then the next logical step is to explore your song further in a Free test production process. If the test production produces outstanding results, then bringing your song or musical score up to broadcast standards is the next step in an all out production.

There is 'no' cost to you for our production services unless your song makes you money.  Unlike most other production companies that soak you for 40% to 80% or more in royalty fees, Calling Heart Records royalty fee is only 10%.  Yes, just ten percent.  If this is not already an attention getter, at anytime you can walk away from the test production phase with no questions asked, and no further obligations to Calling Heat Records, LLC.  As we see it... if the original author of the song is not happy with our production work, we as well feel it's our duty to end the production. Though this is extremely rare, we must respect your position nevertheless.  In the event the author of the original song terminates the production work during the Free testing and development phase, the author cannot take ownership of any additional musical work that Calling Heart Records is directly or indirectly responsible for in the development of your original score, be it in written form or otherwise, and or music performed during the production and development of your song by any of our in house studio musicians.  Simply said, should you walk away from all of our ideas, your song always remains your property. In fact you must first Copyright your music before you send it  to us for review as we do not want to get involved in original music that is not protected. Once the new production of your song is complete, an updated version is submitted to the Copyright office.





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